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a community for sensitive souls

We’re more than a website; we are a safe haven full of resources that can help you discover and express who YOU are. Heather Nardi is an Empath Mama who provides safe spaces, guidance, and support to help the highly sensitive person and empaths embrace their trait of sensitivity in life and motherhood.

There is more to us than our emotions. We are creative, intuitive, natural healers, compassionate, and so much more! Empath Mama is a community to be authentically you and receive guidance in understanding your trait of sensitivity as a woman and mama.

 It can be challenging to navigate life when you feel overwhelmed by the world around you. Sometimes we all need support, guidance, and a safe space to be.

Are you:

✔️Overwhelmed by all the feels and wish you had a space to access support and understanding?

✔️Longing for like-feeling people in your life who are also transforming? Where you feel like you can be your TRUE self and others get you?

✔️Tired of sifting through all the online babble and just want a space where it’s all made simple to put your mind at ease?

✔️Ready to receive support, healing, and transformation that will make your life easier on many levels?

✔️Wanting to clear out the drama and welcome more inspiration into your life?


Like me, when you are a sensitive soul, it can be hard to find communities that allow you to connect with other people deeply. I want to help bring awareness and acceptance to sensitive mothers everywhere. I help them find their tribe of sensitive women and open communication about the unique gifts, obstacles, challenges, and struggles of being sensitive. I want us all to thrive in our gift instead of hiding our true selves behind masks.

Heather Nardi

Founder, Empath Mama


Community is so important. We offer a safe space where you can be yourself, fully embraced in your uniqueness.  Join our free private Facebook Group or our Monthly Membership (open three times per year June, Oct, Jan)


We hold space for you in a variety of ways while bringing awareness to the sensitivity of Empath Mamas. This would include our workshops, online courses, speaking, and writing. It is our mission to empower YOU to live your life to the fullest by offering guidance, wisdom, inspiration, and some FUN.


Our Founder, Heather, offers a private mentorship for a deeper dive into healing and managing our sensitivites as an Empath Mama.


We share tools or practices to support you as a sensitive mom. It is important to follow your intuition and use what feels best for you.


Heather’s memoir, The Sensitive Ones, is releasing in January 2022. It explores mental health issues past and present through an honest and brave lens. Heather discovers that she and her daughter are both sensitive empaths or sensitive ones.

At Empath Mama, we hold space for you in various ways while bringing awareness to your trait as a sensitive mom. We offer a monthly membership, workshops, group coaching (mentorship), online courses, and our Facebook group. We hope to empower YOU in living a healthy life to the fullest by offering guidance, wisdom, inspiration, and some FUN—all programming and events created from the perspective of a sensitive mom. We support you as a whole being in all areas of life.

What People Are Saying

“Heather has a way of being enthusiastic and sincere without hype. She is dedicated to her community and is fully engaged in providing value to others. She is great example of a servant leader because her actions and attitude are never self-serving but always for the good of the group as a whole.”


“You are very good at; breaking down and explaining complicated concepts and helping others feel confident in their ability to govern themselves. Example: There have been many instances where a person may not have the confidence to make a decision and you have helped them see that they are enough, no matter what other people or outside experts may want them to believe. You are a permission giver. Permission to be yourself. Permission to have a good life and permission to have challenges.”

Social Media Manager

You are really good at being considerate of other people’s feelings. I think it’s because you listen to each person and then you are careful with your answers. Heather is really good at being creative and helping others. She gets passionate about things she believes in and will seek to understand and find why things happen in life.”





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