Empath Mama

a community for sensitive souls

Empath Mama is the ONLY community created specifically for moms that are a highly sensitive person and/or empath.

We know you. We are you. We support you.

The mission of Empath Mama is to offer loving guidance and wisdom through our community and education, so YOU feel empowered in your true essence. 


Are you:

✔️Overwhelmed by all the feels and wish you had a space to go to access support and understanding?

✔️Desiring a safe space to share the experiences you’ve been going through as a mom and sensitive/empath?

✔️Longing for like-minded people in your life who are also transforming, where you feel like you can be your TRUE self and others get you?

✔️Tired of sifting through all the online babble and just want a space where it’s all made simple to put your mind at ease?

✔️Ready to receive support, healing, and transformation that will make your life easier on many levels?

✔️Wanting to clear out the drama and welcome more inspiration into your life?

Welcome to Empath Mama!

At Empath Mama, we hold space for you in various ways while bringing awareness to your trait as a sensitive mom. We offer a monthly membership, workshops, group coaching, online courses, and our Facebook group. We hope to empower YOU in living a healthy life to the fullest by offering guidance, wisdom, inspiration, and some FUN—all programming and events created from the perspective of a sensitive mom. We support you as a whole being in all areas of life.

WE Created a Membership to Support and Guide YOU!

Have you been looking for a community of others that understand you?

We have created a monthly membership for sensitive moms looking for a similar-minded community on more profound wisdom and healing journey.

WE Offer Education Just for YOU!

Our workshops/events are member-led by Empath Mama Experts or monthly Guests, that understand life as a sensitive mom. They cover all areas of life through the perspective of an HSP and/or Empath. There is always an opportunity to learn from other members through intimate open circle, forum, workshops, and our annual conference.

Become One of Our Exclusive Experts or a One-Time Guest

Are you a coach, mentor, spiritual teacher, or energy healer with an understanding of the highly sensitive person and/or empath?

Then, we would love to learn more about YOU! We offer two options of sharing your expertise with our community.

  • Visit as a one-time guest. Hold a workshop or class for our community. If interested email hello@empathmama.com
  • Apply to be one of our select Empath Mama Experts. You would have extra benefits and be involved in our community with connection, access, and marketing your business. Experts need to apply.

If you are interested in sharing your expertise with the Empath Mama Community click on the apply button. Or, find out more information (Click Below).



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