Hi! My name is Heather Nardi
Welcome to Empath Mama!
I'm the Founder of Empath Mama, mentor, speaker, and author dedicated to supporting sensitive moms in navigating the unique challenges that come with it. I call Minnesota home with my husband, two children, and our sassy cat and energetic dog.
With a passion for writing, speaking, and mentoring, I have had the privilege of helping other moms embrace their sensitivity and find their inner strength. As a sensitive mom myself, and with a sensitive adult daughter, I fully understand the feelings of overwhelm that can arise from the world around us. However, it's possible to make peace with our sensitivity and live our best lives despite it.

My writing is featured in prominent publications such as Highly Sensitive Refuge, Thrive Global, The Authority Magazine, Elephant Journal, Medium, and more. In April 2022, I proudly released my first book, ‘The Sensitive Ones.’ This inspiring book delves into my journey as a mother navigating my daughter’s diagnosed mental illnesses. Through an open-minded and holistic approach, I discovered the trait of a highly sensitive person, which completely transformed our perspective. In ‘The Sensitive Ones,‘ I share my experiences and provide practical guidance on thriving as a highly sensitive person, offering valuable insights to parents, caregivers, and individuals.

Through my holistic practices, writing, speaking engagements, and mentorship, I offer proven strategies to help sensitive moms navigate their sensitive experiences, manage overwhelm, embrace their unique gifts, and be an example and support system for their sensitive children.

Let’s embark on this transformative journey together and discover the power of embracing our sensitivity to live our best, most authentic lives.

What People Are Saying
“Heather has a way of being enthusiastic and sincere without hype. She is dedicated to her community and is fully engaged in providing value to others. She is great example of a servant leader because her actions and attitude are never self-serving but always for the good of the group as a whole.”

“You are very good at; breaking down and explaining complicated concepts and helping others feel confident in their ability to govern themselves. Example: There have been many instances where a person may not have the confidence to make a decision and you have helped them see that they are enough, no matter what other people or outside experts may want them to believe. You are a permission giver. Permission to be yourself. Permission to have a good life and permission to have challenges.”

“You are really good at being considerate of other people’s feelings. I think it’s because you listen to each person and then you are careful with your answers. Heather is really good at being creative and helping others. She gets passionate about things she believes in and will seek to understand and find why things happen in life.”

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