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The Sensitive Ones

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Praise for The Sensitive Ones:

A must read for any parent of a sensitive child who wants to understand them deeply and feel supported by a fellow parent who has walked that same path. Deeply moving and holds nothing back.


Jen Harrison

Author of the "Just as You Are" and Parenting Coach

Heather Nardi has bravely offered her own parenting experience to illuminate the faultlines in our culture’s understanding of and support for sensitive people and sensitive empaths. The support that sensitive children receive is critical for the development of their special gifts. Heather shows us not only what can go wrong but also how to successfully change course so a sensitive child can flower as an adult. She offers many insights, approaches, and tools to make parenting a sensitive child easier. Anyone struggling with parenting a sensitive child can benefit from this book.

Maria Hill

Founder, Sensitive Evolution

Is mental illness what we think it is? Or are the intuitive, sensitive children of today leading us to a higher understanding of ourselves? The Sensitive Ones is a godsend to parents of children who do not fit the mold expected of them. This candid account of a mother and daughter’s heart-wrenching journey through the mental health system not only has a happy ending; it gifts the reader with a surprisingly empowering perspective of childhood mental illness.

Kyra Mesich, PsyD

Author, "The Strength of Sensitivity"

Any parent who has wondered: is it okay to trust my intuition and the intuition of my child? look no further than, The Sensitive Ones. You will absolutely love Heather’s family journey through strain and heartbreak to self-discovery, trust, and acceptance. A must-read for the highly-sensitive parent raising a highly sensitive child. 

Kristen Schwartz, MA, CTRC

Founder of Realized Empath, Author of "The Healed Empath", and host of The Realized Empath podcast.

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