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Once a year Heather leads a Retreat for Empath Mamas at a sacred location. These high vibe spots are specifically chosen by Heather and her team to create an amazing, transformational experience. 

It’s a time to reconnect to who you truly are, as a sensitive soul. Its a time to heal what’s been holding you back, connect to what you deeply desire and embrace the joy you deserve to feel. 

These retreats are created with YOU in mind. 

You will have alone time to recharge. Traveling with a group can feel overwhelming. We structure our schedules so that you have downtime.
We encourage self-guided activities. If you want to go on a solo excursion or meditate alone, no questions asked. 
We value YOU. We want you to come as your authentic self. We value each person’s individual needs and encourage you to say no when something is not for you. We ask all guests to honor your wishes.
We are in the process of planning! 

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The 5-Day Self-Nurturing Challenge (January 6-10)

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