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Write On, Empath Mama! Practical Journaling for Busy, Imperfect Lives

March 10 @ 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm


Think that you are too busy, burned out, or over journaling to make it a part of your life?

Think there are too many “shoulds” to follow—you should journal every day or write a certain amount or go back and read what you’ve written?

Think again.

Journaling is a beautifully customizable tool. That makes it ideal for Empath Mamas who have too much to do and not enough energy to start complicated practices. Journaling is great if you want to


·        Reflect on your experiences and try to make sense of the wildness that is motherhood

·        Sort through the chatter in your head to figure out what you really think and feel

·        Have a place to put all the thoughts and emotions that you don’t necessarily want to share with your children, partner, or friends

·        Create a self-care practice that can be as quick and flexible as needed to fit your life

In this experiential workshop, I’ll be creating a safe space for you to pause and consider or reconsider journaling. We’ll talk about why I incorporate journaling in my work with empaths and highly sensitive people (hint: it’s not to give you flashbacks to high school English class).

You’ll have the opportunity to try out three types of journaling—free writing, guided journaling, and mindful photography. Then we’ll share some ideas about how journaling can fit into real life.

Please bring something(s) to write on/with, whatever might be comfortable and convenient. Favorite options include a pen or pencil that feels good when you use it; a notepad, sticky notes, bound journal, or loose-leaf paper; or any electronic device with a notes program or word processor. There are no right or wrong materials, so use what suits you.


March 10
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
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Empath Mama
Lori Cangilla, Ph.D

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