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Jill Jerabek, M.Div, CFLC

Jill Jerabek, Life Coach
Website: Home Page
Photo of Jill Jerabek M.Div, CFLC

Biographical Info

Jill Jerabek helps women break the cycle of keeping the peace at all costs through expanding awareness of how this cycle serves as a coping mechanism, healing the emotional wounds that keep the cycle going, and creating boundaries that ultimately break the cycle.

This is a cycle that Jill recognized in her own life after years of working with multiple therapists, but she couldn’t figure out how to stop the cycle and change it until she worked with a life coach. It was in working with a life coach that Jill realized this was her calling, to coach women towards freedom through breaking patterns that no longer served them and healing emotional wounds that kept them in the cycle while learning to create boundaries that support living true to themselves.

Jill created her hybrid coaching program the Be True to YOU Academy based on her 20+ years of her personal healing work and education in areas of communication, psychology, and spirituality. Jill holds a B.A. in psychology, a B.A. in public communication, a Master of Divinity, and is certified as a Fearless Living Coach through the Fearless Living Institute. She is bonus-mom to two teen boys and lives in White Bear Lake, Minnesota where she enjoys getting outdoors, camping with her boys, reading, crafting, cooking, and yoga.

Categories: Boundaries, Coaching, Emotional intelligence, Forgiveness, Life Coach, Self-Help
Updated 7 months ago.

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