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Lori L. Cangilla, Ph.D

Singularly Sensitive/Lori L. Cangilla, Ph.D.
Website: Home Page
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Biographical Info

I am a licensed psychologist, coach, and self-help author who specializes in helping highly sensitive/empath moms find creative, holistic, mindful ways to juggle work, family, and having a meaningful personal life.

The women I work with are most often:

• Going through major life transitions like motherhood, education/career, relationships changes, adjusting to different phases of life, and living in the pandemic

• Coping with fertility issues, pregnancy loss, or traumatic birth stories

• Suffering after loss and learning how to grieve

• Wrestling with anxiety, worry, and fears; and/or

• Trying to feel content, find their purpose, and discover meaning in life.

Being highly sensitive is a central part of how we move through these challenges. As women understand how sensitivity impacts all aspects of their lives, they are empowered to create a unique way of living as a highly sensitive woman.

My Singularly Sensitive approach helps women find ways to take a balanced look at how being an HSP/empath has benefits and challenges. We grow by learning to view ourselves, others, and the world in new ways. To support that process, I incorporate journaling, creative writing, and mindful photography into my work with highly sensitive moms.

I am a highly sensitive/empath mama who has learned to embrace my personality and own how that makes me Singularly Sensitive. I look forward to helping you find ways to do the same!

Categories: Coaching, Self-Help, Therapy
Updated 6 months ago.

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