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Heather Nardi - Founder of Empath Mama

A LIL’ BIT OF ABOUT ME: Momma to 2 humans and with Mario for over 22 years! I made a significant shift in my life in 2014 going from a quiet/reserved sensitive stay at home mom to speaking my voice as an “Empath Mama”. I healed childhood wounds, remembered self-love, and unlocked my essence. 

MY GIFT TO THE WORLD: I draw from my extensive education as a coach and spiritual practitioner to create specialized tools and programs for Empaths and Highly Sensitive Women. I share my  journey in my writing and speaking. Being highly sensitive is not being weak. It takes courage to live life in full awareness. It is time to start honoring our sensitivity and channel it into our higher purposes – embracing our inspiration, passion, and creativity and trusting our inner knowing to live life on our terms. Founder of “Empath Mama” a community website for those that feel and process things deeply. 


• Certified Holistic Life Coach
• Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation for Children
• Certified ThetaHealer®,
• Certified Angel Card Reader
• Certified Kid’s Nutrition Specialist
• Flower and Gemstone Essence Practitioner
• Certified in Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance,
• Certified in Indigo Studies
• Certified Teacher from the Path of Self-Love School
• FemCity Leader
• Sacred Space Holder

Heather’s Website: Home – Heather Nardi (heatheranardi.com)

Amy Vasterling - Parenting Expert

Bio: Amy Vasterling is the only HSC Parenting advisor that provides expert methods from a unique model, she created specifically for parents of a highly sensitive child who want to build lasting bonds with their child and see their HSC thrive in a world where the highly sensitive personality type is seen, valued, and respected. Amy teaches parents to shift their thinking and interactions, often in simple, subtle ways, that help the HSC to claim their own self and identity. Once a parent can do this, they discover that their HSC is their easiest child to parent.

Why Amy does this work: Amy is a highly sensitive person who is raising two highly sensitive children. As a child she could feel something was off or wrong about the way people treat each other but never did she attribute it to being highly sensitive because like many people she didn’t even realize she was. She did realize and feel different all of her life. This is common for highly sensitive people and there is a difference about you in highly sensitive people and animals have a more highly sensitive nervous system.

A note from Amy: Claiming you are highly sensitive or realizing you are may seem like a weakness but I assure you nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is highly sensitives represent 20% of the population and are believed to be the way they are as an evolutionary function. Their awareness of their surroundings requires they process information at a high level. As a result they are natural strategists who tend to stay calm among chaos. The reason is quite possibly they can see the signals more clearly to move people to safety in the event something goes wrong. While others may have never seen the clues.

The other misunderstanding about being highly sensitive is that while we need more time alone to process information and we may well prefer silence to a rock concert we also very likely know more about others than they know about themselves. It’s in our innate nature to be highly intuitive or “know” and rely on this ability so heavily if stripped of it we are in trouble. This is why parenting these children a certain way is essential.

“What’s good for the highly sensitive is good for everybody. What’s good for everybody is NOT good for the highly sensitive.”

Past classes/workshops taught by Amy for Empath Mama:

  • Challenging the status quo: How your parents raised you won’t work for the highly sensitive and empathic child
  • Who is the Highly Sensitive Child (HSC) & What is their Greatest Need
  • Parenting Highly Sensitive and/or Empathic Children Webinar

(Recordings are available in our member only library, find out more)

 Amy’s Website: Home of the Wisdom Gathering (amyvasterling.com)

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