Empath Mama Membership

A space for YOU. Created by others like YOU. With support from those that understand YOU.

Empath Mama has created a monthly Membership exclusively for YOU, the sensitive mom. We are the ONLY community that provides loving support and guidance specific to moms that are a highly sensitive person and/or empath. Our programming and events are from the perspective of living as a sensitive mom. WE support you as a whole being in all areas of life.


Here are some of the areas; parenting, relationships, health, movement, boundaries, finance, cooking, organizing, law of attraction, hobbies, entertainment, tips & tools for the sensitive soul.

Topics: Intuition, divination, inner child, self-acceptance, tapping, limiting believes, meditation, mindfulness, crystal healing, chakras, self-care, energic gifts, more.

We have a network to find mentorship and friendships with others like YOU.

The 4 Pillars of The Empath Mama Membership:

Alchemy – It is a fun way to describe the tools that we will share to support YOU on your journey to transformation.

Tribe – Hang out with your tribe, others like YOU. We have created a membership platform that includes a forum to communicate with other members, post experiences, questions, and make friends (Outside of our Facebook group).

Wisdom – Our workshops/events are member-led by Empath Mama Experts or monthly Guests that understand life as a sensitive mom.

Journey – Our mission is to support your journey towards living life as a healthy, sensitive mom. We provide different opportunities for transformation with tools, support, and classes on your journey.

*Healthy = showing that you are strong and well


Each Month YOU Receive:

Monthly private opening circle with Heather (Founder of Empath Mama):

  • Each month Heather will hold an opening circle to to start the month and share wisdom for what will be coming.

Tools and Support from Heather, Founder of Empath Mama

  • Heather will share her expertise as a spiritual teacher/coach with YOU. She also knows what it is like to live in misalignment and rejection to feel accepted in her true essence.

A powerful community of other like-feeling souls:

  • One of the biggest joys of life is connection. Inside of this program, you will be connected with other sensitive moms that will support your journey. This is one of the most important aspects of personal growth and expansion.

Monthly classes/workshops taught by a Guest or Empath Mama Expert:

  • Each month you will have the opportunity to learn from one of our guests or experts. This is an added value to your growth as a healthy empath.

Become One of Our Exclusive Experts

Are you a coach, mentor, spiritual teacher, or energy healer with an understanding of the highly sensitive person and/or empath?

Then, we would love to learn more about YOU!

If you are interested in sharing your expertise with the Empath Mama Community click on the apply button. Or, learn more information.

What is the difference between an Empath Mama Expert and Guest? An Empath Mama Expert applied and was accepted to work with our community and provide continued education. A guest was invited to teach a one-time workshop or class for our community. 

If you would like to be a guest reach out to us at hello@empathmama.co


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