Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or like you’re not the parent you want to be?


Do you feel like there are times when your child is pushing all of your buttons and you’re reacting in a way that doesn’t feel right to you?


Would having a new option for responding to situations with your child be helpful?


Join us for a 4-week Pausing Experience of structure, support, and tools to exhale and do things differently as we share the technique of Pausing.


Pausing is the pathway to peace of mind, freedom from stress, and true connection with yourself and others.


This is an intentional space cultivated for the highly sensitive person and/or empathic mom.


Starts June 23rd and ends July 21st (no session on July 14th)

June 23rd, 30th and July 7th, July 21st 7pm Central Time


Exchange is: $140 (one payment) or $70 (two-payments) for the full Pausing Experience


Are you ready?!

Weekly Topics: 

Week 1 – Pause

Learn how to pause. We’ll talk about the technique of pausing and how it can help you keep your emotions in check, so they don’t get in the way of what matters.

When you pause you take a moment to think about how you want to respond to something in your life—and whether that response will produce the outcome you want. It also helps keep your emotions in check, so they don’t get in the way of what matters (which is usually the results).

Week 2 – Reset

After you pause, you can think about what happened and how you’d like to respond. I call this process the reset.

In a world that moves so fast, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment. We can’t stop for a moment to consider what just happened or how we might want to respond. But when we pause and take a breath, we can make space for our emotions and ideas—and ultimately make better choices.

You can go back to the situation after the pause and respond in the best way for you. Whether that’s sharing your emotions, holding space for your child or the other person, or asking to revisit the situation after you have more time.

Week 3 – Reflect

Learn to reflect on what happened before you paused, during your pause, or after your pause (or all three).

Then we’ll help you find solutions or another pathway to get the outcome you want.


Week 4 – Refine

This week is all about refining your experience. Refining means taking the time to improve by making small changes. This week, we’ll look at ways you can move forward and reflect on what you have experienced during Pausing.

We know that this is a shift for you, so we want to ensure you have all the support you need to move forward. And that starts with reflecting on what you’ve learned and experienced so far.

The more you practice and have patience, this skill will become easier.


grounded and centered, no matter what life throws your way. Experience calm and peace when you feel overwhelmed. When you pause, you’re taking time to respond versus react to a situation. You’re giving yourself space to be in calm and gain stability. This allows for self-empowerment because you’ve created a deeper connection with yourself and what matters to you.

You will have the tools needed to

practice pausing. I will share a pathway to experience calm and peace when you are overwhelmed. You’ll be able to take your goals, needs, and desires on the journey ahead in a way that empowers you to stay focused and flexible—instead of being rigid or without direction.

Where and When?

Where: Virtually with Zoom. You can join us for live gatherings, or catch the recordings afterwards. Regardless of your choice, you’ll feel part of the community.

When: June 23rd, 30th and July 7th and 21st, 7pm Central Time. Time Converter HERE. Follow our pace over one month and participate live or go through the steps at your own pace with recordings.

We start the week of Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, Winter Solstice in the South.

We have four live sessions that walk you through the 4-steps of Pausing, starting with our opening session on Thursday, June 23rd. And the final session on Thursday, July 21st. These are all recorded, so you can attend live or do later on your own.


How it works?

  1. We’ve designed this so you can follow our pace or do it at your own pace. Start with us on the June 23rd. Attend live via zoom or watch recordings. You can do this self-led by watching later and using the workbook. Or if you want community and connection, come to the live sessions.


  1. A few days before we begin, you will receive the zoom link information and the Pausing Workbook that includes inquiries, templates, and wisdom you’ll use throughout this experience, and in between weeks


$140 (one payment) or $70 (two-payments) for the full Pausing Experience, including:
all 4 weeks + the Pausing Workbook, and access to the recordings for the rest of 2022.

Hi! I am Heather Nardi

About me: Heather Nardi dedicates her career to supporting highly
sensitive and empath moms in living healthy, empowered
lives. An author, speaker, coach, empath, and mama,
Heather draws from her extensive education as a Holistic
Life Coach and spiritual practitioner to create specialized
tools and programs for sensitive mothers. Her writing has
appeared in The Highly Sensitive Refuge, Thrive Global,
Elephant Journal, and Medium. She’s also committed to
building a strong community of compassionate moms with
shared parenting experiences. Her book, The Sensitive Ones, is now available anywhere books are sold. 

In 2019, Heather launched Empath Mama, a community that provides education, support and a sacred space for like-feeling moms who understand the challenges of sensitive soul parenting. 

Heather’s certifications include:
● Certified Holistic Life Coach
● Flower and Gemstone Essence Practitioner
● Certified Teacher from the Path of Self-Love School
● Ancestral Healing Diploma
● Shadow Mastery Diploma
● Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation for Children
● Certified in Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance

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 We’ve created this experience where you can pause, reset, reflect and refine. Tapping into your inner wisdom to create your pathway to calm.


You can choose two-payments of $70 or one-payment of $140

If you have questions, our team is happy to answer them.
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