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The Stay Calm flower essence blend calms nerves, stops obsessive thinking patterns, instills courage and relaxes the overactive mind. If you’re easily overwhelmed by people’s energy or tend to get anxious around crowds, this might be just what you’ve been looking for!

. This 1-ounce bottle is a 30-day supply.

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Each bottle includes flower essences, sacred healing water, and vodka as a preservative. This is a 1-ounce bottle, which should last for 30 days. The standard dose is four drops, three times a day, under the tongue.

Regular use of the flower remedies builds the strength of their action. Therefore, potency is increased not by taking more drops at one time, but by using them on a frequent, consistent basis. Sometimes I will recommend a different dosage.

Flower Essences in The Stay Calm Essence:

White Yarrow Assists one to connect with inner power and release any perceived weaknesses, particularly within the auric field. Sensitives and empaths can be helped by this essence to create/repair/strengthen energetic boundaries and maintain distinction between their own energy and that of others, or their environment.

Aspen Trust in a loving Universe, peacefully meeting the unknown with confidence and faith that your highest good is always working. Tranquility, calm within. Pattern of change: Feeling anxious and not even knowing why or what about

Calendula Assists one to have a softer communication, having a more reverent way with words. Positive use of language with both yourself and others- affirming only the good. Soothing, calming and healing effect. Be very gentle with yourself in every way.

Rock Rose Calm and Composed. Ability and courage to act appropriately in any situation; remain centered, empowered, and clear-headed. Pattern of change: Panic, paralyzing terror


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