e-Coaching with Heather


Flexible Coaching! o phone calls. No appointments. Simply help when you need it. 

NOW offering e-Coaching. Imagine getting the benefit of a Coach without the hassle of scheduling. 

e-Coaching is done entirely via email. It gives you all the same benefits as phone/video sessions, but without having to make appointments.



e-Coaching is done totally on your time, for as long as or little as you want. Any time of day or night. You are not tied down to a specific time, or a one hour time slot.

e-Coaching costs way less than 1:1 phone coaching sessions.

You never have to worry about being on the spot to come up with an answer. Take your time. Reflect on how you want to respond. e-Coaching gives you the time to contemplate things carefully without the pressure of a live conversation. You will have plenty of time to think about what you want to say. There is zero pressure. Respond back when you feel like it. There is no appointment where the clock is running. You can relax knowing that you will be able to type for as long as it takes you to get through your ideas.

How does it work? You write to me when you have a problem and I will write you back with reflective questions and exercises that ask you to think deeply about yourself. I will help you to find direction, set goals, and make a plan.

  1. After your purchase I will send you a questionnaire. This is where you will tell me what is currently going on with you.
  2. I will thoughtfully respond exploring the answers to those questions and will provide you with reflective questions that invite you to think deeply about yourself and your issues. I will reply to you within 48 hours, sometimes on the same day. (Friday emails will be answered on Monday).
  3. You will think about all of those questions and answer me back in your own time. Ideally within a week as this will help keep up your momentum and commitment to this process. But if you need more time, that is perfectly okay! That is the beauty of e-Coaching!
  4. I will respond again. Clarifying, asking more questions, giving alternative ways to think about things.
  5. Your turn! You will respond to what I wrote, ask any other questions that you have.
  6. I will send you one final email solidifying and recapping our plan.



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