Empowered Sensitive Essence


This Flower Essence was created for sensitive souls to connect with their inner power and trust their intuition while moving into unconditional compassion for all. Feel renewed in wholeness and lighten your mood. This is a combination of 5 intuitively picked essences to create a personalized formula for sensitive souls. This 1 ounce bottle is a 30-day suppley.

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Each bottle includes flower essences, sacred healing water, and vodka as a preservative. This is a 1 ounce bottle, which should last for 30 days. The standard dose is four drops, three times a day, under the tongue.

Regular use of the flower remedies builds the strength of their action. Therefore, potency is increased not by taking more drops at one time, but by using them on a frequent, consistent basis. Sometimes I will recommend a different dosage.

Flower Essences in The Empowered Sensitive Essence:

Cerato Golden Bach Flower
I Am Confidence
Self-reliance and trust in one’s own judgment; confidence in one’s intuition and faith to follow it.
Pattern of change: Uncertainty, self-doubt, dependence on others for decision-making

White Yarrow
Any Perceived Areas Of Weakness are Strengthened
Assists one to connect with inner power and release any perceived weaknesses, particularly within the auric field. Sensitives and empaths can be helped by this essence to create/repair/strengthen energetic boundaries and maintain distinction between their own energy and that of others, or their environment. White Yarrow has many gifts, and this essence has also shown to strengthen the physical body and support repair of muscles and tendons, including addressing arthritis and symptoms related to repetitive movement. Interpret and embody strength on many octaves.

Woolly Blue Curls
Compassion for Oneself and Others; Serenity
Gentle, unconditional compassion for all, including oneself. We move into the state where nothing offends us. Facilitates building trust in others, and realizing we don’t have to do it all alone- as well as the ability to “imagine yourself in their shoes” and understand what’s motivating them, and anticipate their needs. It’s all about helping each other… family member, friend, neighbor, stranger… and it’s the little things that count! Also helpful for feelings of anxiety or tension. Release judgement, resentment and fear and choose compassion, caring and understanding. Realize the other is you.

Star of Bethlehem Golden Bach Flower
Deep Consolation; Soul Unification
Peace, integration, hope. Healing and recuperation from shocking or traumatic experiences, recent or past. A soothing restorative remedy. Renewed wholeness and spiritual connection. Eases and revitalizes the nervous system.
Pattern of change: shock, grief, Post Traumatic Stress, scars (inner and outer), fright, nightmares

Cannabis sativa
Enhanced Creativity; Mood Elevation; Serenity
Open to the JOY. The Expanded Awareness flower essence has many gifts!! It helps us to perceive broader, wider spectrums of light and sound. It can help to generate ecstatically good cheer, possible hilarity. It increases yin qualities. It enhances creativity, relaxation, focus, and serenity.The Cannabis flower essence can lighten our mood, adjust our attitude. We can see things as funnier- the lighter side. It is also calming. It brings people closer together at a deeper level. It can be energy giving with a desire to accomplish tasks. It can help with insomnia. Redirect thoughts of pain. See things in a different perspective, encourage positivity. It also has aphrodisiac possibilities.

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