Flower Essence Session

$125.00 $75.00

A Flower EssenceFlower EssenceFlower Essence session is a unique experience for you as we co-create a formula specific to your needs. Heather uses her intuition as a guide along with her 5 years of experience as a Flower and Gemstone Essence Practitioner.

These sessions support your holistic healing and help release limiting beliefs, trauma, familial conditioning, patterning so that you can feel empowered in all areas of your life.



As a certificed Flower and Gemstone Essence Practitioner, Heather offers a private sacred session with you via zoom to create a personalized formuala. This is a 60 minute session with Heather where you will co-create a formula based on your needs and intentions.

Session includes:
△ 1 oz (30 day supply) customized flower essence formula mailed directly to you, to be taken over the course of a month. All shipping & handling fees are included in the session price (international included)!
△ E-mailed report with specific guidance about your formula
△ Two follow up emails to answer any questions that may come up while taking your essence. The first one after two weeks and the second after four weeks.

After your purchase you will receive a questionnaire and a link to schedule your time with Heather.


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