Full Circle Gathering


We are launching our “Full Circle” gathering on June 18, 2020. This will be a 6-month online sacred space for sensitive souls to gather and support each other. We will spend 90 minutes each month focusing on one of our Emotional Processing Archetypes.


Are you ready to come FULL CIRCLE? When something “comes full circle” it completes a cycle and returns to its beginnings. Each person has their own personal and unique life journey. We loop from a starting point and back like magic while achieving new perspectives and insights to bring about a profound change in thought, behavior, and emotion.

We have put together “Full Circle” a monthly online gathering to reflect on each of the Emotional Processing Archetypes (Sage, Mystic, Explorer, Guide, Creator, Seeker)

In this space, we want to fully support, acknowledge, and encourage each other to discover, feel, and express who you are:

  • Get comfortable and focus on the wins with your archetype
  • Action steps to outwardly activate your archetype
  • You will receive reflection from others on your brilliance
  • Learn about others and their archetype
  • Focus on how you can be of service to others right now

What you receive:

  • Monthly online circle via Zoom
  • You will be added to our secret Facebook group "Full Circle"
  • Community support from others in the circle

Tentative Dates: June 18th, July 16th, August 20th, September 17th, October 22nd, and November 19th from 7:00-8:30pm Central Time

This is investment in you is for $60 for all 6 months, that is $10 a month. If you want to pay a monthly fee of $10 reach out to Heather at h.nardi@comcast.net and she will set up invoicing for you.


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