The Sensitive Ones book by Heather Nardi


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Inside this parenting advice book for the highly sensitive child and empath, find:

  • an introduction to HSP (highly sensitive person) and empath characteristics and why they are commonly misdiagnosed as mental illness,
  • parenting tips for avoiding frustration and stress by embracing sensitivity as a gift,
  • coping skills for overwhelm and overstimulation, like routines, space for quiet time, and creative outlets,
  • how to advocate for your child by becoming an expert in their needs, and
  • holistic health pathways like diet, animal therapy, mindfulness, and spiritual practices.

Understanding and acceptance can heal the past and present. The Sensitive Ones is an honest first-hand account of how one mother learned to embrace her and her daughter's sensitivity so they could both live healthy, empowered lives.

Fans of The Highly Sensitive Child and Sensitive is the New Strong will feel empowered as parents to their highly sensitive child.

"Heather Nardi illuminates the fault lines in our culture's understanding of and support for sensitive empaths."

―Maria Hill, founder of Sensitive Evolution


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