VIP 1/2 Day with Heather


This is a 1/2 day virtual VIP day to jump start your transformation (approximately 3 hours). Self-love assessment, 45 minute Pre-VIP zoom chat. We will use zoom to communicate with each other, so you can be anywhere. We will create a strong self-love foundation and make shift happen. Or, if you are local (Minnesota) we can meet for 1/2 day in person.


A 1/2 VIP Day is a powerful transformational experience.

Spend a half day focused on you! You can get HUGE RESULTS. WHY? Heather is focused on YOU! Together we will identify the ONE THING that has been getting in your way. Then, create a Goddess style plan to light a spark within your soul so you can move forward with ease.

Just like with the VIP Full Day, we start from where you are in your journey, and YOU set an intention at the beginning of the VIP 1/2 Day that is ALIGNED with your SOUL.

You will become crystal clear about what YOU want to experience.

You will leave with a method to:
Uncover one of your major beliefs that have been blocking you.
Inspired Action Steps to move forward

What you can expect besides the about outcomes:

Once purchased you will receive a welcome package to get crystal clear about what you want to accomplish. You will also receive a link to take a self-love quiz. From the quiz we will have an understanding on what area to focus on when it comes to self-love. We will also be covering the topic of being a sensitive soul and how YOU find this trait to be challenging.

45 minute Pre-VIP day chat via Zoom.

Then on the 1/2 VIP day we will meet online via Zoom

Our schedule will consist of:
3 hours in the morning OR
3 hours in the afternoon.
With breaks for you to work on tasks.

Your 1/2 VIP day content is customized for you. Prior to your VIP day you will receive and complete a personal initial assessment questionnaire. We will complete a complimentary planning session on the phone to review your assessment. The information from the assessment and planning call will be used to create your customized, personalized VIP Day.

If you have questions reach out to Heather at


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