What We Do

We help sensitive mamas, who struggle with feeling misunderstood and overwhelmed, to achieve a new perspective by embracing their differences. 

Many Empaths are people pleasers caring for others first. This creates a life of overwhelm and minimizing of our own needs. Because of this we rarely ask for help. This is a space where you can ask for support and receive without any judgment. 

Our Mission

The mission of Empath Mama is to offer loving guidance and wisdom through our community and education, so YOU feel empowered in your true essence. 

Our Methods

At Empath Mama we offer a variety of opportunities to achieve your goals. We combine a 5-piece approach (SPEED) to create a unique experience for each client. This includes both spiritual and practical tools along with educational background, our own tested personal experience. Find out more about our Founder, Heather Nardi. 

Our Goal

The goal of Empath Mama is for you to feel empowered while being authentically YOU and balanced in your home, work, and relationships as sensitive soul. We offer a variety of ways to support you. 


Community is so important. We offer a safe space where you can be yourself, fully embraced in your uniqueness.  Join our free private Facebook Group or coming in 2020 a monthly online Sacred Circle.


We hold space for you in a variety of ways while bringing awareness to the sensitivity of Empath Mamas. This would include our workshops, online courses, speaking, and writing. It is our mission to empower YOU to live your life to the fullest by offering guidance, wisdom, inspiration, and some FUN. 


Our Founder, Heather, offers a private mentorship for a deeper dive into healing and managing our sensitivites as an Empath Mama. 

“Ask yourself if what you’re doing today will get you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.”


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