Empath Mama is celebrating One Year!

WE are offering YOU a gift of

10 days of Self Care Practice.


Presented by: Heather Nardi

Founder of Empath Mama, Holistic Life Coach, Author, and Speaker

Starting November 9th

Self-care is essential for all highly sensitive people and empaths

To stay healthy and happy, you must be prepared with an effective self-care practice so you’re ready to deal with stress

Recharge so you can help others without draining yourself

Getting grounded and reconnecting with yourself

YOU will receive:

  • Daily emails with a focus on a specific self-care practice.
  • Access to a community to connect with Heather and other participants and check in with your self-care progress or concerns. Facebook Group just for those participating.
  • In addition we will send you a Self-Care Activities ebook and a Self-Care Morning Routine ebook. 
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