I shared this story in an email to my Empath Mama tribe. I thought it would also be important to share here so that more of you could understand the spark that started the community of Empath Mama.

Hi I am Heather! I am the Founder and Chief Emotional Supporter of Empath Mama, a community that provides loving guidance and support for mamas, who are sensitive souls (Empath and/or Highly Sensitive Person).

The story begins . . . The story of Empath Mama is the story of my own struggle to find a community that supports and understands me as an empath or highly sensitive person and a mom.  I felt there was a lack of community for those that are sensitive and moms. We need others that understand the challenges and gifts of being a sensitive mom. A place where we can feel accepted and not judged for our differences. I know the strength of gathering in community. I have created 2 local communities and observed the building of relationships and the power of collective wisdom. When gathering with others you don’t feel alone, and it sparks many aha moments.

I am not a coach; I am a guide . . . Don’t get me wrong I enjoy helping others through a transformation. But, about 11 months ago I was getting burnt out with coaching. I wasn’t feeling the excitement around one-on-one coaching like I had in the beginning of my business. I have also struggled with the word Coach. I feel like I am more of a guide, or mentor, someone who takes you to your destination by collaborating with you and sharing knowledge.

After I had been coaching for 5 years and looking to make a change I reached out to my mentor and friend, Violette, to set up a session for some guidance. I explained my current feelings and questioned how I could be of most service to others. This is when the idea of Empath Mama bloomed. Violette said the name, Empath Mama, and I felt alignment chills. This was so right on! I searched online for the name/idea and didn’t find anything. This is was a confirmation that this space was needed. And I would be the one to create this community.

What do I need . . . I personally understood the need for this community. So, being somewhat selfish I thought I will create what I need. That one-hour conversation with my mentor changed my direction towards creating a community. It felt so right, and I was excited, again. Empath Mama is in alignment with how I want to serve others. My first step was to create a website, Facebook page, and Facebook group.  When I saw the number of people following my Empath Mama Facebook page and wanting to join our group this was proof that there was a need for this type of community.

I have made it my personal mission . . .I want other moms that are sensitive to know they aren’t alone. That their experiences are real and challenging. And, that they are utterly amazing and special. The process of understanding all of this can feel lonely or confusing. That is where Empath Mama comes in; we provide a safe space to be authentically you and receive guidance in understanding your trait, as a sensitive soul. We cover all areas of life as a woman and mom that has this trait. It is about living a life in balance.

And now . . . Empath Mama has not only inspired me, but it’s inspired other people too and that makes my heart feel full.

I hope everything that we have created can help comfort sensitive moms that are feeling confused or lonely, because we all feel that way at some point in our life.

We have all faced challenges and overcome them; we have all done some great things and probably some not so great things. Let’s share our experiences and help to inspire each other.

Are you looking for a community like this?

We have been working on a membership platform to offer you a sacred space to connect with others like YOU, host expert led workshops, share resources (ebooks, workbooks, tools), and more to come as we expand. More to come on The Empath Mama Circle or get on our waitlist NOW. Or, join our Facebook group or like our Facebook page.

Built on a foundation that . . . Community and being with others that understand is powerful. For much of our lives we felt misunderstood, lonely, or different. When you feel understood by others it is easier to accept yourself. When your children see you accept yourself, they will be more likely to accept themselves and celebrate their differences.

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