The Empath’s Journey to Worthiness

We at Empath Mama are excited to introduce our group coaching program with Heather. This program was created for the Empath and/or Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

Join us on a journey to feeling worthy!

It is time to turn your love inward and focus on your worthiness. 💗




Worthiness is not a topic normally talked about. It hides in the shadows. We usually base our worthiness on what others think of us. We disempower ourselves to fit in – which never works!


Worthiness is the key to unlock self-love. Once you acknowledge your self-worth adding the practice of self-love into your life will be easy.

Only you get to decide what you are worth. Only you get to decide how you deserve to be treated by others. Only you decide what is possible for you.



When you feel unworthy, you stay in a job you hate, spend hours self-medicating, helping others even if it causes you stress.

We all struggle with accepting who we are and loving ourselves. Once you embrace your sensitivities and abilities, you take your power back. You are worthy simply because you exist.

Have YOU been told to practice self-love?


It seems so simple, but it can be challenging to love yourself if you don’t feel worthy of that love.

Remembering that you are worthy is a short cut to spiritual growth. As you experience unconditional worth you connect to your true self, activate your intuition, and allow for powerful inner guidance.

As empaths and moms, we give so much to others. It is time to give back to yourself. We created this program for you, a space to come back to yourself. 

Hello, I am Heather Nardi, as the Founder of Empath Mama, I wanted to support others like me in an intimate group setting where I can share and connect with others ready to claim their power as a sensitive soul (Empath and/or HSP).

I devoted two years to full-time healing myself, and it allowed me to step into my life purpose. Each step opened me more and more to a new perspective on living as an empath and shined a light on my true self.

I had many amazing healers, teachers, guides that supported me along my journey. I would love to be that for YOU!

I studied the Path of Self-Love School with Christine Arylo for 12 months and became certified in her program. We will be using parts of her teaching along our journey. I am a certified Holistic Life Coach, ThetaHealer, Certified in Mindfulness, and a Flower & Gemstone Essence Practitioner. I am most proud of my work that is not certified but life experience. I am a mom to 2 children; one is a 20-year old empath that struggled with multiple mental illness diagnosis for 7-years and the other a highly sensitive teenage boy.

As I mentioned above, we naturally focus on others. You can feel the emotions of others and their unspoken words. We want to heal and help others. NOT on this journey. We want to support you in finding balance and inner peace as an Empath Mama.

So, I challenge you to do the very opposite of what you are doing now! And join me on the journey to worthiness.

Reach out to Heather if you have any specific questions at

Empath Mama Group – Private Facebook Group 


The Journey

This journey will include themed phases. Each month will be a different theme. The first part of the month, we will spend time learning and taking action. The second part of the month will be sharing and heart-sparks. ღ


YOU can select a 3-month journey or a 6-month journey.

What’s Included

This isn’t a typical online program; this is personal and interactive, packed with support, and super cozy with limited spots! 🤗

Weekly lessons and assignments based on the current theme.

A Private Facebook Group – this is where we get to talk about how each lesson applies to YOU specifically. It is where you can connect, encourage each other and ask questions

Group video calls with Zoom. We will meet twice a month on Wednesday evenings from 7 to 8:30pm CT via video as a group, where we will talk about our current struggles, growth and ask any questions we have. Then we can CHEER each other on! **If you can’t attend live you will receive a recording. 

Voxer – Voice chat access to Heather. You’ll be able to reach me any time via “voxer” – this is a walkie talkie phone app. If you have a question or are feeling stuck, need a little pep talk at ANY TIME! Reach out and I’ll get back to you to walk you through it!

Tools to Support YOU. I will share a variety of tools from my extensive education as a coach and spiritual practitioner. Find out more about my education HERE.

Guidance from Heather. I am an experienced space holder and certified Holstic Life Coach. I have done the work and understand the challenges. It fills my heart to be in a space with other women while they experience aha moments.

Be in Community with Others Like YOU. There is a beautiful feeling of unity when you are in a space with others that understand.

Personal Transformation. Feeling a deeper sense of Joy, Peace, Courage, and Happiness (YOU are worthy!)

Month 1 – Self-Awareness & Self-Honesty

  • Self-awareness is a foundation of being an Empath.
  • It is a deep understanding of who you are and who you aren’t.
  • Learn to be honest with yourself so you can make choices in alignment with your heart and soul.
  • Feel a sense of inner peace and feel grounded with ease.

✩ Month 2 – Self-Acceptance

  • True acceptance is at the heart of selflove.
  • Choose to activly like who you are, without exception, judgment, or wishing you could be someone else.
  • Self-acceptance is embracing and loving all parts of yourself.

♢ Month 3 – Self-Trust

  • Self-trust is listening and following your inner knowing (Intuition).
  • Strong self-trust gives you the clarity and confidence to make choices that align with your truth.
  • Shift self-doubt into clarity.

******** Some of the information I will be sharing is from the Path of Self-Love School and Christine Arylo.  I completed the teacher training in 2018. 

If you join the full 6-months here are the themes:

Month 4 – Self-Compassion & Self-Forgiveness

  • The choice to open your heart and offer yourself kindness, forgiveness, understanding, and patience.
  • Self-compassion is the act of extending compassion to one’s self in instances of perceived inadequacy, failure, or general suffering.

🦄Month 5 – Self-Care & Self-Pleasure

  • The super power of self-care and self-pleasure is to create a life that fulfills you and aligns with what truly matters to you.
  • We will reveal what makes you feel fullfilled, nourished and supported.

👑Month 6 – Self-Empowerment

  • Choosing to take charge of and responsibility for your life.
  • No more apologizing or looking to others for approval.
  • You are sovereign. This is important to understand in self-love.

Imagine Your Life in 3 or 6-Months

You could be happy with love in your heart and in your life, feeling joy and lightness or you could be here, in the same place you are right now, still trying to change, still trying to figure it all out on your own. 

You can step into your worth and . . .

Choose to show up with qualities that honor you and others.

Believe that you are amazing and doing the best you can every single day.

Know that you care about people and want the best for them too.

Experience worthiness that everlasting and always flowing.

Yes, you landed on this page today for a reason. You are ready for change!

Join me now or you can wait another 6 months and hope for things to get better on your own.

The Choice is Yours.

Yes, I am ready!

Join me for a

3-month program


full 6-month program

3-Months of the Empath’s Journey to Worthiness Group Program:

$497 for all 3-months . . . Early bird pricing is $444 for 3-months, ends 11/30

or $170/month for 3-months (December, January, February)

6-Months of the Empath’s Journey to Worthiness Group Program

$697 for all 6-months . . . Early bird pricing is $644 for 6-months, ends 11/30

or $120/month for 6-months (December, January, February, March, April, May)

BONUS Included with the 6-month program:

A complimentary card reading from Heather.

* A FREE 60-minute one-on-one Coaching Call with Heather during the 4th month (March).

*FREE Vision Board Fun ebook, checklist, and workbook to (create your dream life & business)

Bonus Worth: $225

Early Bird Pricing Ends In:








Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have enough time . . .

I understand, I am a working Mom of two. Time commitment: Daily Activities 1-5 minutes a day, (1) 60-90 minute group call (or recording) every other week, (1) 15-20-minute Training Module/workbook per week = LIFE CHANGING growth, awareness, and awesomeness!!!

I am an Introvert and don’t like group programs . . .

This is not your normal group program. I am an empath and introvert. I don’t pressure anyone to share or put anyone on the spot. It is more beneficial to you the more involved you are in the process but you will still have amazing results being in the energy and space of others going through the same experience. 

My significant other will say “no” to purchasing this program . . .

This program was created for you. Take time to explain how important this is to you and how what you learn will make a difference in your family relationship. I am sure he/she will respect your decision.

Why hasn’t anything worked for me before?  What makes you think this program will work for me now? . . .

You may have tried several programs, books, courses and even other private coaching.  The reason you haven’t been able to make lasting changes is because you haven’t built a sufficient foundation of self-love by understandin your worthiness. That is the key!  🔑

Final Thoughts

There are a few things I know for sure from my experience that I would love to share with you:

Every time I invest in myself I receive lasting transformation because when you send the message to your heart that it matters – matters enough even to invest in, your heart grows and you reach new levels. Every. Single. Time.

The things I am teaching in this program are the things that took me MANY YEARS to learn, maybe a lifetime! 😊

I don’t want you or anyone else to feel unworthy of their true desires – my vision for you is that you can reach your dreams and be a strong example for your children. A life of living your version of success is right out there, on the other side.

“Your programs are indeed a gift to the empath.” Jan

“Heather embodies everything you wish your mother, sister, or friend would be. She listens with an ear for the words beneath the words and tells you what she really hears you saying. She provides a reflection for you to see your own truth.” Amanda

“Heather is a beacon of light shining bright to help people find their way. Her intuition is spot on. Without her help and guidance I would still be lost in the darkness. Bless you and and keep shining your light.” E.D.


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